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VAST iSUP Tech Specs

At VAST, we are thrilled about the future and the opportunity to shape the iSUP lifestyle. Working as a team, we are committed to providing our customers with the best Stand Up Paddle Boards and unwavering support throughout their journey. Our brand will be defined by our strong relationships with our customers and our utmost dedication to the iSUP lifestyle. With our top-quality technology and a diverse range of sizes for all ages, we bring you the finest paddleboarding experience. Join us as we embark on this exciting lifestyle choice together.

VAST Boardsports iSUP Black White Paddle Board

Thermo Dual Fused

All VAST Boards are constructed of Thermo Dual Fused Technology(TDF). This contruction system is formed from two layers which are heat laminated for additional reinforcement. 

This is the leading technology in delivering strength and durability as well as allowing the Board to be 20/25% lighter and 25/30% stiffer than a standard glued double layer constructed board. This gives you a lightweight but stiffer board for ease of use on and off the water.

Diamond cut EVA

Diamond cut EVA deckpad delivers the ultimate in comfort and grip, allowing ultimate stability under foot and a greater overall feeling and connection to the Board. It's large footprint allows easy access onto the board from the water , and delivers an unparelleled level of control under foot.

VAST Boardsports iSUP EVA Deckpad Close Up
VAST Boardsports iSUP Safety Strorage Cord

Cargo Cord

Our storage cord is integrated with the board via four D-rings. Its position on the Board offers a large protected area for your personal belongings, which can be secured via the strong elasticated cord, or by connecting directly with one  of the four D rings  for additional security.

Carry Handle

A comfortable, ergonomic neoprene handle ensures that you can carry your board in and out of the water with ease. It's strength also allows you to secure your board with the knowledge it is not going anywhere.

VAST Boardsports iSUP Nebula Paddle Board
Vast Boardsports iSUP Paddle Board Fin System Mako

Fin Systems

There are two fin systems available within our range currently.

Mako Lone Fin, which incorporates the easy fit and release system, ensures the quick fitting and removal of the fin, whilst knowing it is securely fitted at all times with no need for additional tools. The Lone Fin is predominantly used on our Sports Tourer Boards for improved tracking and Agility.


Hammerhead Tri Fin, is the epitome  of stability and strength, which offers straight line tracking for all levels of Paddle Boarder. It's durable construction and ergonomic design delivers a smooth and seamless path through any water.

3 Piece Paddles

The Tomahawk paddle comes as standard with all Noah iSUP packages, however, there is nothing standard about this aluminum 3-piece construction. With a reinforced blade and ergonomic designed t-grip, you will be able to paddle all day with comfort at only 887 grams.

The Carbon-Axe paddle sits at the top of our product hierarchy, offering the most advanced carbon fibre strength and flexibility in a three piece adjustable paddle. With a 100% carbon blade and 70% carbon shaft, the Carbon-Axe provides strength through the paddle movement whilst being only 612 grams.

VAST Boardsports iSUP paddle
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