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The Best Watersports to Get Into During the Winter

Updated: Apr 11

Winter is upon us, and you're probably wondering what to do during the chilly season. The snow (when it's here) is not the only thing that feels good during this time of the year. This season is also a great time to try watersports, whether adventurous or fun and relaxed. This post will explore the best watersports you can get into during the winter.


Who knew you could surf during the winter? Winter swells usually provide more significant and challenging waves than summer swells, making it one of the prime seasons for surfing. The cold water can be intimidating initially, but with the right gear, such as wetsuits, gloves, hoods, and boots, you'll be ready to brave the waves and experience an adrenaline- pumping adventure.

Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Another excellent water sport to try during the winter is stand-up paddleboarding. While it might sound surprising, it's a perfect way to work out and enjoy the stunning winter scenery. SUP surfers prefer the winter season because the winds are calmer and the waters are less crowded. In addition, you can also find some flat waterways, such as lakes and rivers, to paddle through.


Suppose you're in the mood for something more extreme. Then kiteboarding might be an ideal choice for you. Although it's a bit more challenging than regular surfing, kiteboarding during winter can be thrilling. The cold winds give the surfer additional power, enabling them to jump and soar higher into the air. With the right gear, you'll experience an exhilarating and addictive ride.


Sailing could be an ideal choice if you're looking for something less challenging and more relaxed. The winter season provides a unique and peaceful experience compared to the busy summer months. With the proper clothing, calm winds, and beautiful scenery, sailing could be your ticket to a relaxing and rejuvenating day on the water.

Ice Skating

While not a water sport, ice skating is an excellent winter activity. Whether you're an experienced skater or a beginner, it's a fun way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors during the winter season. If you are uncomfortable skating on a frozen lake or pond, consider checking out an indoor ice rink near you.

The winter season allows you to try out new and exciting water sports or activities you may never have thought possible. Whether surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, kiteboarding,

sailing, or ice skating, winter watersports offer an entirely different experience from typical summer activities. So, if you're up for some adventure or want to unwind, consider exploring these winter watersports and embracing the season's beauty.

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