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Man wearing a VAST Change Robe

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks dont get much better than the VAST Stealth range. 


Stealth is a premium drop-stitch inflatable kayak that partners our ultra-advanced inflatable paddle board technology with state of the art Kayak design. With all three chambers capable of inflating to 12psi quickly, the result is an ultra-sturdy kayak with superior control and comfort. Available in single-seater or dual-seater, the Stealth allows all of the family to enjoy paddling, in a safe and secure vessel. Once your day is finished, a quick deflate and the Kayak is back in its rucksack ready for home.

Kayak Construction

Kayak Fabric

TDF Drop-Stich Construction

The TDF (Thermo-Dual Fused) construction, utilised on all of our iSUP range, offers the closest possible alternative to a hard-hull Kayak, but with the benefit of being rolled back up in to a rucksack. Lighter and stronger than a traditional drop stitch.

Kayak Mako Fin

9" VAST Mako Fin

Borrowed and improved on from our iSUP range, the Mako 9" fin provides clear tracking through the water, keeping your kayak moving the way you want it to.

Chamber Inflation

3 Chamber Inflation

3 individual, seperate high pressure chambers allows the VAST Kayaks to be considered some of the safest in its class. Should any chamber become damaged, you can rest assured that the other two chambers will keep you afloat whilst heading for land.

Kayak Handle

Reinforced Carry Handle

Get in and out of the water with ease, utilising the VAST reinforced carry handle at the front and rear of the kayak.

Kayak Seats

Premium Ergonomic Seats

Ergonomically designed for comfort, our sleek sports seats will ensure to support you for your full  paddling session.  You will also receive a soft plush footrest for each sitting position in your VAST Kayak.

Kayak Paddle

4 Piece Alu Kayak Paddle

A 4-piece Aluminium paddle comes as standard with all VAST Kayaks; super lightweight and ultra-durable.

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